16th November 2018

1.) Wheat Market Update Daniel Rooney AHDB
2.) WGIN3 Legacy and Overview of the WGIN4 Core ProjectKim Hammond-Kosack RRes
3.) Germplasm Development Highlights and Plans for WGIN 4 –Simon Griffiths JIC
4.) The Evolving WGIN Nitrogen Variety Trial – Malcolm Hawkesford RRes
5.) Disease Resistant WheatVanessa McMillan RRes
6.) An Introduction to DFW – Simon Griffiths JIC
7.) The Wheat-Rust Conflict: Shifty Enemies and the Long Reach of GenomicsDiane Saunders JIC
8.) Trehalose 6-phosphate, a Sugar for All Seasons in Yield Improvement – Matthew Paul RRes  
9.) IWYP Rooty: a Root Ideotype Toolbox to Support Improved Wheat Yields – Eric Ober NIAB
10.) Long Term Wheat Experiments at Rothamsted: the Next 175 Years! – Jon Storkey RRes
11.) European Legislation and Fungicide Resistance – is this a Perfect Storm for Wheat Disease Control?Rosie Bryson, BASF SE, Senior Principal Scientist, Fungicide Development Europe

30th November 2017

1.) ‘WGIN going from strength to strength: Highlights and the legacy so far’ - Kim Hammond-Kosack RRes
2.) ‘What can drones tell us?’ - Andrew Riche RRes
3.) ‘UK drought - why we need DT wheat!’ - Clare Lister JIC
4.) ‘Wheat Without Aphids?’ - Amma Simon RRes
5.) ‘The WGIN Big Data Experiment’ - Michael Hammond-Kosack RRes
6.) 'Wheat Market Update' - Amandeep Kaur Purewal & James Webster AHDB
7.) ‘A BBSRC funded wheat programme, Designing Future Wheat (DFW)’ - Graham Moore JIC
8.) ‘DFW Breeders’ Toolkit – Arming the Commercial Breeding Industry with Alleles for the future’ - Simon Orford JIC  
9.) ‘Allelic diversity in controlling wheat spike development’ - Laura Dixon JIC
10.) ‘Is gene flow from related species responsible for most of the genetic variation found in today’s bread wheat?’ - Keith Edwards University of Bristol
11.) ‘Modifying wheat architecture for improved traits’ - Steve Thomas RRes
12.) ‘Using rain-out shelters to future proof UK wheat against drought’ - Robert Jackson NIAB
13.) ‘Improving the quality of staple foods to deliver health benefits - dietary fibre’ - Alison Lovegrove RRes 
14.) ‘Genome editing as a new powerful tool for wheat breeding’ - Vladimir Nekrasov RRes
15.) ‘Designing new wheat starches’ - Brittany Hazard Quadram Institute
16.) ‘Wheat vs Septoria’ - Kostya Kanyuka RRes
17.) ‘Update on CIMMYT’ - Bill Angus CIMMYT board


30th November 2016:

1.) Wheat Market UpdateMillie Askew AHDB
2.) WGIN: Overview and updateKim Hammond-Kosack RRes
3.) Tools, Resources, Genotyping and PhenotypingClare Lister JIC
4.) Drone Technology, Robotic Crop Monitoring and Wheat Yield Stability –
unexpected applications of the WGIN diversity-nitrogen trials
Malcolm Hawkesford RRes
5.) Resistance to Take-All and Foliar DiseasesVanessa McMillan RRes
6.) The WGIN Wheat Promotome Capture Experiment – Mike Hammond-Kosack RRes
7.) An Introduction of CHAP (Crop Health And Protection)Lin Field RRes
8.) The International Wheat Yield Partnership (IWYP)Mark Sawkins IWYP (USA)
9.) Designing Future Wheat - Simon Griffiths JIC
10.) Releasing Natural Variation in Bread Wheat by Modulating Meiotic CrossoversJames Higgins University of Leicester
11.) Production of Wheat Lacking B-type Starch Granules - Kay Trafford NIAB
12.) Genetic Regulation of Inflorescence Architecture in Wheat - Scott Boden JIC
13.) Anther and Pollen Development in Crops - Jose Fernandez University of Nottingham
14.) Priorities for Wheat Grain Quality, an Introduction - Peter Shewry RRes

20th November 2015:

1.) Wheat Market Update - Anna Lockwood AHDB
2.) WGIN: Overview and update on RRes WGIN research - Kim Hammond-Kosack RRes
3.) Tools, resources, genotyping and phenotyping - Simon Griffiths JIC
4.) Aphid Resistance - Lesley Smart RRes
5.) An Overview of SARIC - Liliya Serazetdinova KTN
6.) New AHDB Strategy - Dhan Bhandari AHDB
7.) YEN and current Wheat Research @ ADAS - Daniel Kindred ADAS
8.) Innovative Farmers Network - Tom MacMillan Soil Association
9.) MAGIC - James Cockram NIAB
10.) "What does high throughput genotyping tell us about modern wheat" - Keith Edwards Bristol University
11.) Agrimetrics: the first Centre for Agricultural Innovation is open for business - John Crawford RRes
12.) Nitrogen availability influences Septoria defence in wheat - Ari Sadanandom, Durham University

16th April 2015:
1.) WGIN 1 & 2: Overview - Kim Hammond-Kosack, RRes
2.) Watkins Collection, Mapping Populations, NILs and Traits - Simon Griffith & Alba Farre Martinez, JIC
3.) NUE traits - Malcolm Hawkesford, RRes
4.) Take-all root disease - Vanessa McMillan, RRes
5.) The WGIN Legacy 2003 to the present - Kim Hammond-Kosack, RRes
6.) WGIN3: Overview - Kim Hammond-Kosack, RRes
7.) Genetic resources, marker improvements and traits - Simon Griffith, JIC
8.) New NUE traits - Malcolm Hawkesford, RRes
9.) Resistance to Take-all, Yellow Rust and Septoria - Vanessa McMillan & Kostya Kanyuka, RRes
10.) Resistance to Aphids - Gia Aradottir, RRes


4th December 2013:
Wheat Market Update – Amandeep Purewal AHDB

The Wheat Genetic Improvement Network
WGIN: Overview and update on RRes WGIN researchKim Hammond-Kosack, RRes
Watkins CollectionSimon Griffiths JIC
DiversityMalcolm Hawkesford, RRes

End user developments
Enhancing Dietary Fibre Content in WheatPeter Shewry, RRes
CICR Wheat Root ProjectRichard Whalley RRes

Wheat initiatives
Flower Timing BBSRC funded workHannah Jones, University of Reading
Drought resistance in wheat - Prof Bill Davies, University of Lancaster
Testing for N requirements in variety trials - Roger Sylvester-Bradley, ADAS

Discussion Panel on "Yield and Quality Stability"
Discussion Chair: Peter Shewry, RRes
Discussion Panel Biographies
Discussion slides

27th November 2012:
Wheat Market Overview - Susannah Bolton, AHDB
The Wheat Genetic Improvement Network
WGIN: Overview and update on RRes WGIN research – Kim Hammond-Kosack, RRes 
Drought Tolerance - Pedro Carvalho
Rotation Trial - Take-all Root Disease - Vanessa McMillan, RRes
End user developments
Update on Global Wheat Genebanks and Information Systems and recent developments at the Germplasm Resources Unit - Mike Ambrose, JIC
Development of genome-wide SNP based markers in hexaploid wheat - Sacha Allen, University of Bristol (Keith Edwards Lab)
Wheat initiatives
The Crop Improvement Club – Selection of Wheat Projects
Phenotyping root function in wheat - Richard Whalley, RRes
Developing a Cereal Fertility Pipeline for Wheat - Jose Fernandez Gomez, UoN (Zoe Wilson Lab)
The role of lipids in determining gas bubble retention and stability in wheat dough - Peter Shewry, RRes
Integrated Biorefining Research and Technology Club (IBTI Club) - Peter Werner, KWS
Emerging Disease Patterns
Discussion panel on "Emerging Disease Patters" - Introduction Judith Turner, Fera


22nd November 2011:
Wheat Market Update - Helen Plant, AHDB
The Wheat Genetic Improvement Network
WGIN: Overview and update on RRes WGIN research – Kim Hammond-Kosack, RRes 
Avalon x Cadenza - gene discovery for UK Farming - Simon Griffiths/Luzie Wingen, JIC
Dissecting Nitrogen Use Efficiency - Malcolm Hawkesford, RRes
End user developments
Adapting Wheat to Global Warming - Roger Sylvester-Bradley, ADAS
An Update on GM Wheat Field Trials - Huw Jones, RRes
Wheat initiatives
The Crop Improvement Club – Progress so Far - Jayne Brookman, BBSRC
Update on Wheat Genome Sequencing Initiative - Graham Moore, JIC
Update on Sustainable Agriculture and Food Innovation Platform - Calum Murray, TSB
Successful 2nd and 3rd Wheat Crops
Discussion panel on "Successful 2nd and 3rd Wheat Crops" and issue of Take-all - Introduction Kim Hammond-Kosack,RRes


17th November 2010:
The wheat market an international perspective - Michael Archer, HGCA
The Wheat Genetic Improvement Network
WGIN: Overview and update on RRes WGIN research Kim Hammond-Kosack, RRes
Genetic diversity of the Watkins collection Luzie Wingen, JIC
Water and heat stress throughout the crop cycle - John Foulkes, University of Nottingham
End user developments
100% UK wheat Paul Molyneux, Hovis
Wheat quality requirements Simon Penson, Campden BRI
Bioethanol production David Maxwell, Vivergo
Wheat initiatives
The Crop Improvement Club Simon Bright, BBSRC
Wheat sequencing project - Gary Barker, University of Bristol
Wheat LoLa - Graham Moore, JIC
CIMMYT 'wheat yield consortia' Martin Parry, RRes
Farm level yields
Discussion panel on UK wheat field yields lagging behind breeders projections


25th November 2009:
Stakeholder Meeting 2009 Programme
Strategy of the HGCA Levy Board by Susannah Bolton (HGCA)
The wheat market an international perspective by Michael Archer (HGCA)
Wheat breeding: challenges and research opportunities by Richard Summers (RAGT)
BBSRC Initiatives: The Crop Improvement Club by Dan Godfrey (BBSRC)
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Innovation Platform by Alex Chaix (Technology Strategy Board)
Carbon sinks in a changing environment by Andy Whitmore (RRes)
Agriculture in a changing climate by Mikhail Semenov (RRes)
WGIN 2009 2013: an overview by Kim Hammond Kosack (RRes)
The Avalon x Cadenza DH population by Simon Griffiths (JIC)
Nitrogen mobilisation in wheat Malcolm Hawkesford (RRes)

Information on stakeholder meetings from WGIN 2003 - 2008 can be accessed on the old website.