Recent Updates

29.01.2016: maps for high density genotyping of 18 AxC NILs uploaded
27.01.2016: presentations from 28th October WGIN3 Management meeting
23.11.2015: presentations from 20th November WGIN3 Stakeholder Meeting
17.07.2015: presentations from 17th July WGIN3 Management meeting
02.04.2014: WGIN2 Stakeholders Newsletter April 2014
01.08.2013: AHDB’s Crop Research Conference, 25 September 2013
01.08.2012: Wheat Improvement Strategic Programme (WISP) Course, 18-21 November 2013
23.05.2013: WGIN stakeholder newsletter May 2013
23.11.2012: WGIN stakeholder newsletter November 2012
09.10.2012: Programme for the 2012 WGIN Stakeholder Meeting
02.10.2012: MTA for the extended AxC mapping population
21.06.2012: QTL Summary for Phenotype Data for the Avalon x Cadenza DH population - June 2012 update
21.06.2012: QTL Results for Phenotype Data for the Avalon x Cadenza DH population - June 2012 update
01.06.2012: UoN Subcontractor Project Interim Report + Presentation
13.01.2012: Paragon x AE Watkins landraces SSD populations - Nov 2011
06.12.2011: Stakeholder Meeting 2011 - Presentations
18.11.2011: WGIN stakeholder newsletter - November 2011
22.02.2011: Avalon X Cadenza NIL development
23.11.2010: List of all past and present WGIN staff members
16.11.2010: WGIN stakeholder newsletter November 2010
28.10.2010: Take All Infectivity data from WGIN 1 diversity trial
28.10.2010: Stembase disease data from the 2007/08 RRes field trial
28.09.2010: Programme for the 2010 WGIN stakeholder meeting
26.08.2010: August 2010 Management Meeting Presentations
27.05.2010: WGIN stakeholder newsletter May 2010
10.03.2010: February 2010 Management Meeting Presentations
11.02.2010: Avalon x Cadenza double haploid population - Update on trait data: Data is now available on the 2006 trials and more data (plant height, ear emergence and grain yield) has been added on the 2008 trial.
15.12.2009: Avalon x Cadenza double haploid population - Update on mapping data
08.12.2009: WGIN stakeholder meeting 2009 presentations
02.11.2009: Disclaimer for the use of WGIN data and germplasm resources
02.11.2009: Updated traits data on the Watkins collection
02.11.2009: BBC report on the WGIN diversity trial
02.11.2009: Programme for the WGIN stakeholder meeting
02.11.2009: WGIN stakeholder newsletter October 2009
25.08.2009: Provisional Programme for the WGIN stakeholder meeting 2009
25.08.2009: Avalon x Cadenza DH population Workshop
13.08.2009: Trait data from Avalon x Cadenza field trials at JIC, years 2005, 2007, 2008

June 2009: Launch of the new website.

Disclaimer: The site and all images provided on the WGIN website are 2009 Rothamsted Research unless otherwise indicated. No image may be copied, reproduced, used or distributed without the permission of the copyright owner.

In all work which uses the DH Avalon x Cadenza population the following text must be cited: The population of doubled-haploid (DH) individuals, derived from F1 progeny of a cross between cvs Avalon and Cadenza, was developed by Clare Ellerbrook, Liz Sayers and the late Tony Worland (John Innes Centre), as part of a Defra funded project led by ADAS. The parents were originally chosen (to contrast for canopy architecture traits) by Steve Parker (CSL), Tony Worland and Darren Lovell (Rothamsted Research).