WGIN 4 Publications ( * indicates where 1st and / or last author is not WGIN funded)
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) as part of Wheat Genetic Improvement Network phases 3 and 4 (CH0106 and CH0109)


Rowena Hill, Michelle Grey, Mariano Olivera Fedi, Daniel P Smith, Sabrina J Ward, Gail Canning, Naomi Irish, Jade Smith, Vanessa McMillan, Jess Hammond, Sarah-Jane Osborne, Tania Chancellor, David Swarbreck, Neil Hall, Javier Palma-Guerrero, Kim E Hammond-Kosack, Mark McMullan (2024) Evolutionary genomics reveals variation in structure and genetic content implicated in virulence and lifestyle in the genus Gaeumannomyces. BioRxiv WGIN Resource used: Isolate methods to recover Take-all isolations from soil cores  and the WGIN Diversity field trial

Shifeng Cheng, about 50 other authors, and Simon Griffiths (2024) Harnessing Landrace Diversity Empowers Wheat Breeding for Climate Resilience WGIN Resource used: Watkins wheat collection


*Al Zadjali, Mahira, Rabiey, Mojgan, McMillan, Vanessa, Shaw, Liz, Hammond-Kosack, Kim, Malone, Jacob, Mauchline, Tim, Jackson, Robert*;  (2023) Characterizing the influence of first year wheat cultivar on Pseudomonas selection and function in a Take-all infected field.  Crops 3 (3), 195-208. WGIN  resources used: WGIN protocols established to explore take-all fungus in the soil rhizosphere.

*Tania Chancellor, Daniel P Smith, Wanxin Chen, Suzanne J Clark, Eudri Venter, Kirstie Halsey, Vanessa McMillan, Gail Canning, Kim E Hammond-Kosack, Javier Palma-Guerrero* (2023) Exploring the family feud: a fungal endophyte induces local cell wall-mediated resistance in wheat roots against the closely related" take-all" pathogen. BioRxiv WGIN  resources used: WGIN diversity trial and take-all fungal isolates recovered from the soil cores taken from this trial.


*Oszvald M, Hassall KL, Hughes D, Torres-Ballesteros A, Clark I, Riche AB and Heuer S* (2022) Genetic Diversity in Nitrogen Fertiliser Responses and N Gas Emission in Modern Wheat, Frontiers in Plant Science, section Plant Nutrition. Note - all authors, except Andrew Riche, are not part of the WGIN project.


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Alba Farre Martinez,  Clare Lister, Sue Freeman, Jun Ma, Simon Berry, Luzie Wingen and  Simon Griffiths (2021) Resolving a QTL complex for height, heading, and grain yield on chromosome 3A in bread wheat (2021) Journal of Experimental Botany 72, 2965–2978 (published Feb 2021)

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WGIN Resource used: Avalon x Cadenza NILs

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WGIN Resource used: WGIN Diversity trial over multiple years

An evaluation of recent trends in nitrogen use efficiency of UK wheat. (2020) DEFRA report EVID 4 CH0109
WGIN Resource used: WGIN Diversity trial over multiple years

AHDB Science report No 50 (published May 2020)
WGIN Resource used: WGIN Diversity trial over multiple years

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WGIN Resource used: WGIN Diversity trial over multiple years


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WGIN Resource used: Gediflux collection and population was developed with breeder input.

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WGIN Resource used: WGIN Diversity trial over multiple years

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WGIN Resource used: WGIN Diversity trial over multiple years

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WGIN Resource used: WGIN Diversity trial over multiple years

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WGIN Resource used: Wall Associated Kinase (WAK) sequences

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WGIN Resource used: WGIN Diversity trial over multiple years

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WGIN Resource used: WGIN Diversity trial over multiple years

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McMillan, V.E., Canning, G., Moughan, J. R.P. White, J.R.P., Gutteridge, R.J. and Hammond-Kosack, K.E. (2018) Exploring the resilience of wheat crops grown in short rotations through minimising the build-up of an important soil-borne fungal pathogen. Nature Scientific Reports, 8, 9550  RRes press release - WGIN Resources used: Take-all field trials

*Osborne, S.-J., McMillan, V., White R. and Hammond-Kosack, K. E. (2018) Elite UK winter wheat cultivars differ in their ability to support the colonisation of beneficial root-infecting fungi Phialophora.  Journal of Experimental Botany   69, 3103-3115  RRes press release + BBSRC website + RC UK website - WGIN Resources used: The controlled environment root fungal bioassay

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