ADASAgricultural Development and Advisory Service
AFLPAmplified Fragment Length Polymorphism
anthesisthe time of flowering in a plant
autopolyploida polyploid organism that originates by the mulitpication of a single genome of the same species
BACsBacterial Artificial Chromosome
BBSRCBiotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
BBSRC ISISBBSRC International Scientific Interchange Scheme
BBSRC REIBBSRC Research Equipment Initiative
BioExploitEU project on the improvement of fungal disease resistance in wheat and potatoe
BioSSBiomathematics and Statistics Scotland
Bracklingbuckling of the straw at a point well above ground level
BRACTDefra sponsored project - Biotechnology Resources for Arable Crop Transformation
BSPBBritish Society of Plant Breeders
BYDVBarley Yellow Dwarf Virus
CCFRACampden and Chorleywood Food Research Association Group
CIMMYTInternational Maize and Wheat Improvement Center
CIPCross Institute Programme
CODDLECodons Optimised to Discover Deleterious Lesions (Computer programme)
COSConserved Orthologous Sequence
CR-ESTThe IPK Crop EST database
CSIRNever used in full - S. African Government research organisation
CSIROCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
DArTDiversity Arrays Technology
DefraDepartment for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
DFFSDiversity Fixed Foundation Set
DHDouble Haploid
DSIRDepartment of Scientific and Industrial Research
ELISAEnzyme-Linked Immunosobent Assay
EMSEthyl Methane Sulphonate
EST(s)Expressed Sequence Tag(s)
FLAMEForm Leaf Area Measurement
FYMFarm Yard Manure
FRACFood Research and Action Center
GAIGreen Area Index
GedifluxEU Project: Genetic Diversity in Agriculture: Temporal Flux, Sustainable Productivity and Food Security
GM(O)Genetically Modified (Organism)
GRDCGrain Research and Development Corporation of the Australian Government
GREEN Grain ProjectGenetic Reduction of Energy use and Emissions of Nitrogen Project
GSGrowth Stage
GxE interactionsGenotype X Environment Interactions
HGCAHome Grown Cereals Authority
HPLCHigh Pressure Liquid Chromatography
HRIHorticulture Reasearch International
HTPhydroxy tryptophan
IGFInvestigating Gene Function
INRAInstitut Nationale de Researche d'Agriculture
introgressionthe incorporation of genes of one species into the gene pool of another
IPIntellectual Property
IPK GaterslebenInstitute of Crop Genetics and Crop Plant Research in Gatersleben
ITMIInternational Triticeae Mapping Initiative
JICJohn Innes Centre
LINKA joint Government -industry funded project.
linkagethe association of genes that results from their being on the same chromosome
LMAlate maturation amylase
MAGMilling advisory group
MASMarker-Assisted Selection
MTAMaterial Transfer Aggreement
NABIMNational Association of British and Irish Millers
NBSNucleotide Binding Site
NBS-LRRnucleotide-binding site plus leucine-rich repeat gene (A disease resistance gene family)
NIABNational Institute of Agricultural Botany
NIRNear Infrared
NPR1non-expresser of PR genes (NPR1 is a key regulator in the signal transduction pathway that leads to SAR)
NSDONational Seed Development Organisation
NUENitrogen Use Efficiency
OREGINOilseed RapE Genetic Improvement Network
PBIPlant Breeding Institute
PCRPolymerase Chain Reactiom
PGRPlant Growth Regulator
PCRPolymerase Chain Reactiom
PHSPre-harvest sprouting
PICpolymorphism index content
pleiotropican allele or gene that affects serveral traits at the same time
PMplasma membrane
PMApre-maturity amylase
PMAApre-maturity alpha amylase activity
PoMSpost-maturity sprouting
PR genespathogen related genes
PrMSpre-maturity sprouting
pycnidiuma flask-shaped fungal receptacle bearing asexual spores
RAPDrandom amplified polymorphic DNA
QTLQuantitative Trait Loci
RFLPsRestriction Fragment Length Polymorphism
RhtWheat locus controlling plant height
RLPlusa computer software
RNAiRNA interference
RRESRothamsted Research
SARSystemic aquired resistance
SBCMVSoil-Borne Cereal Mosaic Virus
SBWMVSoil-Borne Wheat Mosaic Virus
SCRIScottish Crop Research Institute
SDSsodium dodecyl sulfate-poliacrylamide
SNPSingle Nucleotide Polymorphism
SSAPsequence-specific amplification polymorphism
SSAP analysisTransposon-based fingerprinting
SSDSingle Seed Descent
SSRsSimple sequence Repeat
STMPSequence Tagged Microsatellite Profiling
SWRIScotch Whisky Research Institute
TILLINGTargetting Induced Local Lesions In Genomes
Tristimulus colorimeterinstrumental colour measurement that detects all the shade that can been seen with the human eye
UoBUniversity of Bristol
UoNUniversity of Nottingham
USDAUnited States Department of Agriculture
VCUValue of Cultivation and Use
VRVavilov Institute
US NSFUnited States National Science Foundation
WAVE dHPLCDenaturing High Performance Liquid Chromatography
WGINWheat Genetic Improvement Network

"Definitions where appropriate taken from The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Plant Breeding and Related Subjects by Ralf Schlegel, Published by Haworth Press 2003, ISBN 1560229500"