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Stakeholder Past Meetings

Below the minutes and presentations of past stakeholder meetings can be downloaded:


November 2008:

  • Agenda
  • BBSRC Crop Improvement Club by Peter Shewry(RRes)
    Wheat Economics
  • Changes in wheat production and utilisation in the UK by Richard Beldam(Centaur Grain / Openfield Group)
  • The cost of growing wheat in the UK by Andrew Wells (TAG)
  • The wheat market - an international perspective by Mike Mendelsohn(HGCA)
    The Wheat Genetic Improvement Network
  • WGIN I Overview: concepts and achievements by Kim Hammond Kosack (RRes)
  • WGIN nitrogen trials by Peter Barraclough(RRes)
  • WGIN resource development at JIC by Simon Griffiths(JIC)
  • Novel sources of resistance to pathogens in hexaploid and diploid wheat by Hai-Chun Jing (RRes)
  • WGIN II by Kim Hammond-Kosack(RRes)

    November 2007:
  • Agenda
  • Introduction to WGIN by Kim Hammond-Kosack(RRes)
  • The WGIN Diversity Trial by Malcolm Hawkesford(RRes)
  • Developing a Mutant Wheat Resource by Simon Orford(JIC)
  • Take All Resistance by Richard Gutteridge(RRes)
  • Biofuels by Richard Weightman (ADAS)
  • Climate Change by David Lawlor(RRes)
  • The Cereals Market by Mike Mendelsohn(HGCA)

    November 2006:
  • Agenda
  • Introduction: WGIN breeding and the utilization chain by Peter Shewry (RRes)
  • Grain structure and development by Alison Huttly(RRes)
  • Research on milling technology by Grant Campbell (University of Manchester)
  • Designing wheat for end users: food, feed, distilling by Peter Shewry (RRes)
  • Wheat for distilling and bioethanol by Richard Weightman (ADAS)
  • Reducing acrylamide formation in food products by Nigel Halford (RRes)
  • Identifying and exploiting natural variation by Ian Mackay (NIAB)
  • Identifying and exploiting natural variation for quality by Chris Chapman (Nickerson-Advanta)

    November 2005:
  • EMS Watkins projects by John Snape(JIC)
  • Avalon x Cadenza project by John Snape(JIC)
  • COS Markers by John Snape(JIC)
  • Nitrogen Use Efficiency trials by Peter Barraclough (RRes)
  • Exploiting T. monococcum for disease resistance research + EU BioExploit Project by Kim Hammond-Kosack (RRes)
  • Second wheat syndrome by Neil Paveley (ADAS)
  • Hagenberg falling number (HFN) - LINK Project by Peter Jack (RAGT)
  • EU Project: HEALTHGRAIN by Peter Shewry (RRes)
  • November 2004:
  • Agenda
  • Planned TILLING programme for the 2nd year by Andy Phillips(RRes)
  • Report on the 1st year TILLING programme by Andy Phillips(RRes)
  • End user expectations to wheat by Sue Salmon (CCFRA)
  • HFN LINK proposal by Peter Jack(RAGT)
  • Projects on industrial uses of wheat DEFRA contribution
  • Wheat pathogenesis programme - plans for year 2 by Kim Hammond-Kosack (RRes)
  • WGIN year 1 field trial on wheat defence signalling by Kim Hammond-Kosack (RRes)
  • Integrated control of wheat blossom midge by Toby Bruce
  • Puroindolines contribution from CCFRA
  • JIC plans and 1st year report by Robert Koebner(JIC)

    1st WGIN Stakeholders Meeting Minutes - 3rd November 2003
    3rd WGIN Stakeholders Meeting Minutes - 22nd November 2005

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