The three UK based research partners to receive funds are Rothamsted Research, The John Innes Centre and the University of Nottingham. The John Innes Centre has acknowledge expertise in the genetic analysis of crop traits and the research groups led by Dr Simon Griffiths in the Department of Crop Genetics specialise in the analysis of key wheat traits and in the provision of cutting each resources and technologies for wheat. Rothamsted Research has acknowledged expertise in the analysis of multiple crop traits using both field experimentation and controlled environment facilities. There is over 150 years experience in exploring the nitrogen requirement of the wheat crop, over 70 years experience of analysing the soil-base fungal disease called take-all, over 30 years experience in investigating wheat grain quality traits and over 25 years experience in analysis Septoria tritici leaf blotch disease of wheat. Those currently actively engaged in leading the investigating of these traits underpinned by crop genetics are Professor Peter Shewry, Dr Malcolm Hawkesford, and Professor Kim Hammond-Kosack. The University of Nottingham has acknowledged expertise in the analysis of crop based traits. Dr John Foulkes is the last remaining crop physiologist working in UK academia. His special research interest is drought tolerance and nitrogen use efficiency. See the table below for a list of researchers receiving funding through WGIN.