Hexaploid Wheat Mapping Populations

Original Avalon x Cadenza Mapping Populations :

The original A x C double haploid mapping population (n=203 lines) generated in WGIN 1 is now being used for a wide range of phenotyping projects in the UK and also elsewhere.

QTL Results for Phenotype Data for the Avalon x Cadenza double haploid population - June 2012 update
QTL Summary for the above data - June 2012

Mapping data for the Avalon x Cadenza double haploid population - December 2009 update
Avalon x Cadenza trait data update (field trial years 2005 - 2008)

Disclaimer for inclusion in publications: In all work which uses the Original DH Avalon x Cadenza population the following text must be cited: The population of doubled-haploid (DH) individuals, derived from F1 progeny of a cross between cvs Avalon and Cadenza, was developed by Clare Ellerbrook, Liz Sayers and the late Tony Worland (John Innes Centre), as part of a Defra funded project led by ADAS. The parents were originally chosen (to contrast for canopy architecture traits) by Steve Parker (CSL), Tony Worland and Darren Lovell (Rothamsted Research).


Extended Avalon x Cadenza Mapping Population :

In total, 574 additional A x C double haploid lines are now available from RRes. These can be used to assist with the fine mapping of genes and QTLs controlling traits of interest segregating in this population. Funds were provided by the former director of RRes, Professor Ian Crute to increase the population size. Subsequently, WGIN 2 funds were used to multiply the newly generated A x C lines and to make small aliquots of seed for each line available to any interested UK plant scientist, wheat geneticist or breeder for research purposes. Contact – Dr Kostya Kanyuka and / or Professor Kim Hammond-Kosack.

MTA for the extended A x C mapping population.

Disclaimer for inclusion in publications: The Recipient Scientist shall acknowledge the Supplier as the source of the Materials in any publication which mentions the Materials. The following wording shall be included in the acknowledgement: “The extension portion of the doubled-haploid Avalon x Cadenza wheat population, comprising 582 lines derived from F1 progenies of reciprocal crosses between the hexaploid wheat cultivars Avalon and Cadenza, was developed during the period 2007-2011 by Drs Kostya Kanyuka and Hai-Chun Jing at Rothamsted Research Ltd in collaboration with KWS Lochow GmbH, Germany, and co-funded by Prof. Ian Crute (the Rothamsted Research Director’s Fund) and Defra WGIN.”


Other Mapping Populations:

Paragon x AE Watkins landraces SSD populations - November 2011


Peer reviewed publications

Publications from WGIN 2003 - 2009:

Al-Kaff N, Knight E, Bertin I, Foote T, Hart N, Griffiths S and Moore G. Detailed dissection of the chromosomal region containing the Ph1 locus in wheat Triticum aestivum : with deletion mutants and expression profiling, Annals of Botany 2008 101(6):863-872

Hayden MJ, Stephenson P, Logojan AM, Khatkar D, Rogers C, Elsden J, Koebner RMD, Snape JW and Sharp PJ. Development and genetic mapping of sequence tagged microsatellites (STMs) in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L). Theoretical and Applied Genetics 113 (2006), pp. 1271-1281.

Other Publications:

Allen, A.M., Barker, G.L.A., Berry, S.T., Coghill, J.A., Gwilliam, R., Kirby, S., Robinson, P., Brenchley, R.C., D'Amore, R., McKenzie, N., Waite, D., Hall, A., Bevan, M., Hall, N. and Edwards, K.J. Transcript-specific, single-nucleotide polymorphism discovery and linkage analysis in hexaploid bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Plant Biotechnology Journal 9 (2011), pp. 1086-1099.

Datasets from WGIN 2003 - 2009:

Mapping data for the Avalon x Cadenza double haploid population - February 2007 update

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