Subcontractor Projects

Procurement of additional wheat research activities within the lifetime of the project:

A total sum of 50K has been set aside for two main purposes. Firstly, to enhance the value of the main projects by involving other parties that will provide novel technology or novel phenotyping expertise on related traits, for example root structure. Secondly, these funds could be used to extend promising results arising from finishing LINK projects that will benefit their commercial exploitation by the UK wheat breeders or ideas resulting from discussions with the breeders. The money will be spent either on one single project or on several smaller projects. For selection a specific protocol was used based on one previously successfully applied in the BBSRC funded small grain cereal project to ensure the allocation of these funds is done in a fair and unbiased manner. This involved a short written application in a specific format, peer review by a set panel of experts, and a final vote by a small committee especially selected for this purpose by the WGIN management team. The deadline for applications was the 1st October 2009.
The following projects were selected:

Non-destructive screening of WGIN Paragon mutants for grain NUE traits - Richard Weightman, ADAS

- Project Information
- Final Report + Data

Exploring the use of Δ18O and total mineral ash content in wheat as a new tools for phenotyping wheat with respect to water inputs – John Foulkes, University of Nottingham

- Project Information
- Interim Report + Presentation

- Final Report