Avalon x Cadenza DH and NILs Populations


Towards the Development of a Chromosome Segment Substitution Library (CSSL) for Avalon x Cadenza (AxC):

High-Density Maps of 18 AxC NILs generated on the Axiom HD Wheat Genotyping Array

Clare Lister and Simon Griffiths, Department of Crop Genetics, John Innes Centre, Norwich

The Avalon x Cadenza Doubled Haploid Population (AxC) was one of several developed to represent a broad spectrum of the variation present in the UK elite winter germplasm pool. The population is a Defra UK reference population and was developed as part of WGIN1. The AxC population has been extensively phenotyped in field trials in Norfolk from 2005-2008 and a number of QTL’s affecting ear emergence, crop height and yield have been identified (Griffiths et al 2009, Gegas et al 2010, Griffiths et al 2012, Ma et al 2015). 552 individual streams from DH lines carrying a single QTL affecting plant heading date, height or yield were generated; 250 lines in an Avalon background and 302 lines in a Cadenza background. Eighteen of these NILs representing most of the identified QTLs were selected for this preliminary study.

All six detailed maps as well as information about them can be accessed by hovering over the 'Avalon x Cadenza DH and NILs Populations' in the 'Resources' menu and selecting the tabs to the right as shown below:

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