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WGIN Stakeholders

The WGIN will assemble a "Stakeholders' Forum" comprising the full management team, breeders, other research customers, (eg. HGCA, SCRI ), scientists with shared interests and "end-users" such as millers, bakers and food processors to provide a critique of past activities and future plans. The "Stakeholders' forum" will meet annually, possible in association the workshop for cereal genetics . Together, these groups represent the substantial majority of the UK's expertise related to wheat genetics and breeding.

Each year, probably in November, there will be a two-day meeting comprising a workshop for UK scientists involved in cereal genetics/genomics followed by a meeting of the "Stakeholders' Forum". The latter will deal with a summary of results from the year's activities and plans for the forthcoming period with the objective of testing outcomes and proposed objectives against industry and research customer priorities.

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