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This section lists links to genomics datebases and websites with useful technical information on bioinformatics and cereal genetics.

Defra Wheat Projects

Wheat Coordinated Agricultural Project (Wheat CAP): http://maswheat.ucdavis.edu/ US project with the main goal of increasing the competitiveness of public wheat breeding programs through the intensive use of modern selection technologies, mainly Marker Assisted Selection (MAS).  In this website you will find a link to a Protocols section (http://maswheat.ucdavis.edu/protocols/index.htm) This section has links to available MAS methods for markers for 38 different traits, including quality traits and insect, fungi and virus resistance.

Haplotype Polymorphism in Polyploid Wheats and their Diploid Ancestors: http://probes.pw.usda.gov:8080/snpworld/Search
Project on the discovery and mapping of single nucleotide polymorphisms in tetraploid and hexaploid wheat. This project performed SNP discovery using ESTs that had been previously mapped to chromosome bins. Intron SNPs were targeted by designing genome specific primers for the A, B and D genomes. The SNP discovery panel included diploid, tetraploid, and hexaploid wheat lines. The search function allows the user to identify SNP markers for a specific chromosome or bin. The information includes the relevant genome specific primer pairs for each mapped EST and the sequence polymorphism found among the diverse wheat panel examined. An example of the use of these markers can be found in:   Chao et al (2009) Analysis of gene-derived SNP marker polymorphism in US wheat cultivars. Molecular Breeding. 23:23-33 http://www.springerlink.com/content/cj81vt2gk568523h/

JIC Genetic Stocks: www.jic.ac.uk/GERMPLAS/Index.htm

Wheat ESTs at CerealsDB: www.cerealsdb.uk.net

JIC Gait Genotyping Data: http://jiio5.jic.bbsrc.ac.uk/Gait.html

Molecular markers learning modules by Cornell University: http://www.igd.cornell.edu/Training&Education.html

Small Grains Cereal - news, resources and funding opportunities for SGC researchers: http://www.smallgraincereals.org/
European Triticeae Genomics Initiative (ETGI): http://pgrc.ipk-gatersleben.de/etgi/

CR-EST: The IPK Crop EST Databse: http://pgrc.ipk-gatersleben.de/cr-est/index.php

Codons Opimised to Discover Deleterious Lesions (CODDLE): http://www.proweb.org/coddle/

GrainGenes: A USDA sponsored database for Triticeae and Avena http://wheat.pw.usda.gov/GG2/index.shtml/

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